Project X

Movie review by Russell Pinkston

Two friends, Costa (Oliver Cooper) and J.D. (Jonathan Daniel Brown) decide they must throw a birthday party for their friend Thomas’ (Thomas Mann) 17th birthday. Dax (Dax Flame) is recruited to film the group and party. Costa decides to invite the entire school to the party at Thomas’ house while his parents are out of town. They pick up some weed from a ex-vet drug dealer, T-Rick (Rick Shapiro). He the process they borrow the drug dealer’s garden gnome (one of the coolest gnomes I have ever seen…and wouldn’t mind displaying in my front yard).

They take the weed and gnome back to Thomas’ house and wait for the party guests to arrive. It looks as if nobody will show up but then they do…and the party quickly gets out of control.

This movie is filmed in the “found footage” style. I am not a huge fan of this style. They tend to be poorly written, directed and acted. But this movie is one of the few exceptions(Chronicle Paranomal Activity 3). The writing is really good and really funny. Project X is directed by Nima Nourizadeh and is produced by Todd Phillips (Old School). The cast is relatively unknown (for now). Kirby Bliss Blanton (cute) plays Thomas’ childhood friend who also attends the party. Alexis Knapp (sexy) provides some of the eye candy (and there is plenty) as one of his sexy classmates. Nick Nervies and Brady Hender provide party security (and some major laughs).

Up to last week I didn’t have any idea what Project X was about. I thought it was a remake of the 1987 Matthew Broderick film. It wasn’t…it was surprisingly more awesome than I could even have expected. Project X is such a wild and crazy film. It’s fun, intoxicating and addicting (I have seen it twice already). It is so much fun and absolutely hilarious. I laughed so hard I actually cried. The X in Project X stands for eXcellent! Every year I see one or two movies that stay with me (and at the top of my favorite list) all year long….this is one of those movies. I have told every human person I know about this movie and recommend it for highly. It’s not for everyone but if you’re not offended by sex, drugs, rock music, midgets, garden gnomes then this movie is for you. I say SEE THIS MOVIE….and ladies…wear something TIGHT!

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