Movie review by Russell Pinkston

Woody Harrelson plays Arthur Poppington, a mentally challege man who by day works for his friend in construction…and by night, keeps the streets safe as the superhero Defendor.  He searches for his nemesis,  the evil Captain Industry, who Arthur believes to have killed his mother when he was a child.  He will not let anything get in his way of justice and of revenge against Captain Industry including Chuck Dooney , a corrupt police detective (Elias Koteas).  In his pursuit Arthur befriends Katerina, a prostitute (Kat Dennings) who helps him to track down Captain Industry.   Arthur discovers the road to justice is filled with many bumps…and bruises. 

Woody Harrelson who makes up for the really bad Rampart is really good as Arthur and just plain awesome as Defendor who’s comic book dialog is borderline brilliant.   Kat Dennings (Thor) as Angel/Katerina plays the drug addicted prostitute to perfection.  I have never wanted to befriend a crack addicted hooker so much in my life.  Elias Koteas (Dream House) as Dooney is crooked, tough and funny.   Sandra Oh plays Dr. Park, Arthurs psychiatrists who puts together the pieces of Arthur’s broken life. 

I think I heard of this movie way back in 2009 but I avoided it because who wants to see a stupid superhero movie.  Well since then we have been “Grace”d with many regular guy become superhero films…and they range between the greatness of Kick Ass and the sad and shameful Super. 

I have to say…I absolutely love this movie.   Defendor so much more than I expected.  It was not stupid at all it was smart and clever and Woody’s performance as well as the writting and directing by Peter Stebbings really makes this movie something special.  It is one of the best and most enjoyable movies I have watched this year.   So get you some popcorn and don your mask and cape and rent or Netfix this movie today!  4 0ut of 5

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