New York Comic Con ’12: The Video! (Days 1-3)

Sometimes, all you need is a picture of Bruce Campbell to make people click on your article!

HELLO HELLO YELLOW JELLO! It’s Richard here coming to you STRAIGHT….from New York Comic Con 2012! Well, I was coming from NYCC a few days ago. Now, I’m home in Ohio feeling the common Comic Con side effects. Exhaustion, depression, and a pissed off wallet are among the side effects I’m suffering currently! Anyshway, I wrote an article over the weekend describing my first day at NYCC. Now, I had planned to pen a second article covering day two. However, I figured it’d be easier to just make a video for you to watch! So, if you’d like to watch the 12 and a half minute piece of greatness made by myself, Please click on the amazing picture above! Also, don’t forget to subscribe to Channel23hahaha for more episodes of COMICS!

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