COMICS! Celebrates 100 Episodes This Week!!!

Thanksgiving isn’t the only thing to celebrate this week…..and I’m not talking about Black Friday, kids!

HELLO EVERYONE! It’s your Nostalgic Avenger, Richard, here! Now, I’m am super duper excited right now! Why? Well, This week will see the release of the 100th episode of COMICS! AHHHHHHHHH! Holy s#!%, Batman! It’s real crazy that Carter and I have done that many episodes! 100 episodes ago, Carter and I were just two guys whom love comics, but couldn’t fully express it. Now, we expressed the crap outta ourselves every week. Not literally, of course…….ANYWAYS! So, we wanted to thank everyone for watching the show, and making it last as long as it has and wanting it to go on. Carter and I aren’t even close to finished making episodes, so It’s nice to see that some of you aren’t even close to being done watching! You are all the best! Now, to celebrate, Carter and I will be doing a LIVE episode of COMICS! on Sunday at 7pm EST. You heard correct! COMICS! will be live this week! Also, we will be answering questions those of you asked in the previous episode, which you can watch by clicking the photo! Ask us a question, and you can be apart of our live episode! Anyways, thanks again for watching! You are all amazing, and I love you! Here is to 100 more!

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