Man of Steel Trailer #2 Review!!! (COMICS!)

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s…..Crap what’s the last part of that quote?

Hello fellow Kryptonian survivors! This is Ran-Ze, aka Richard, coming to you live from the bottle city of Kandor! So, some of you might not know this about me. I, Richard Lee Purnell, am a Massive Superman fanboy! I know you don’t hear Batman fan’s proclaim this a lot, but it’s 110% the truth. Also, I’m a massive fan of this new Man of Steel trailer! Honestly, I really liked the teaser that was released over the summer. I know most fans didn’t dig the teaser, but I was feeling it, man! I loved the feel of it. It looked like they were going for a grounded approach to the character. This new trailer shows that as well, but It also shows the film is going to be equally epic!

Based on what this new trailer shows, this is going to be the ultimate Superman movie! I was so excited by this new trailer, that I made an entire review on it! To watch it, click on the image above! By the way, the image above is the beginning of my favorite scene in the trailer! Bone chilling, man! Also, to catch more wicked good vids and episodes of COMICS!, subscribe to Channel23hahaha on Youtube! I’d really appreciate it! Now, before I depart, I wanted to leave you with this awesome image from an upcoming Superman comic, possibly called Man of Steel but with no relation to the film, being written by my favorite comic writer Scott Snyder. Also, the artist on the series is the legend himself…Jim freaking Lee! If you aren’t aware of Jim Lee’s art, just look at the image below. It, alone, describes his legendary status, I’d say:

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