Agent Coulson Lives!! (COMICS!)


WARNING! Avengers spoilers ahead! Actually, is an Avenger spoiler warning even necessary?

HELLO EVERYONE! Welcome to my first post of 2013! I’m incredibly excited for all this year has to offer. Especially because there are a ton of great looking new comic series starting this year! So excited! Anyways, today’s post is all about one man…no…one hero. His name…Is Agent Phil Coulson! As most of you know, Coulson is the glue that holds together the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

He quickly became a fan favorite character. So much so, that he is actually a part of the comics and Marvel animated shows like Ultimate Spider-Man. Now, based on this knowledge, how do you think fans reacted when Coulson died in The Avengers? It was an incredibly sad, but necessary, moment in the film. Coulson’s death was what brought The Avengers, officially, together so they can defeat Loki and his evil alien army!

Now, in case you weren’t aware, whenever someone dies in a comic book (like a major beloved character) they usually will come back from the death within a year or so. This is something that bothers me about comics. Death is meaningless, and point less. Granted, a character death can be done well (Captain America, Batman) but usually it’s just annoying (Superman, Human Torch) when it happens. The Avengers, and the MCU, have been quite faithful to the source material…now It looks like they are being too faithful. Why? Agent Phil Coulson, once thought dead, is actually alive and well!

How is this possible? Well, checkout the latest episode of COMICS! to find out! Also, in the new episode, I talk about the comic book movies that totally got snubbed by the Oscars! THE DARK KNIGHT RISES DESERVED SEVERAL AWARDS, DARN IT! Also, I review a brand new Star Wars comic EVERYONE should check out! As usual, click on the picture above to watch the newest episode of COMICS! Finally, don’t forget to subscribe to Channel23hahaha for more COMICS! and anything else I upload!


  1. Jacques Pienaar says:

    Am i the only one that saw something very interesting at the end of Avengers movie??? In the final scene, on the helicarrier, when Maria Hill and Fury talks about the avengers coming back when something happens again, and he says “because we will need them to”. Just after that, Hill turns around and walks away from fury down the walkway, away from the observation window, the scene pans out and we see a very familiar looking agent approaching her and handing her a folder with papers. IS THAT COULSON??????

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