Jimmy Olsen a Woman in Man of Steel?!?! (COMICS!)


Jimmy or Jenny…kind of sounds like a sequel to Ed Wood’s Glen or Glenda, don’t it?

Hello super friends! It’s your alien refugee, Richard, here! Today, I present to you an episode of COMICS! in which I review two AMAZING comic issues from last week. After that, I discuss an interesting bit of news that has been going around since Monday. As you know, this summer will see the latest film to feature Superman. While the film is only months away from release, we barely know a thing about it.

Little by little, as we reach closer to the big day, small nuggets of information emerge. Answering questions we’ve had since the announcement of Man of Steel. One of those questions was whether or not Jimmy Olsen, photographer for the Daily Planet, would appear in the film. He has shown up in pretty much every adaptation of Superman ever, but there didn’t seem to be any sign of him in Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan’s take on the superhero.

One day, while surfing the Man of Steel IMDB page, website Comicbookmovie.com found the answer to that question. Jimmy Olsen IS going to be in the film, but not as you remember him. In this film, HE will be a SHE. That’s right…Jimmy Olsen is now going to be JENNY Olsen. Now, IMDB isn’t the most reliable source for movie info, ironically enough. However, when watching the latest trailer, you see a bit in which Perry White, played by Lawrence Fishburne, is charging away from an explosion with a woman.

The woman, unknown actress Rebecca Buller, looks exactly like the actress listed on IMDB whose playing Jenny Olsen. So…it looks like this is legit information, but it’s still not 100%. So, what are your thoughts on this news? Are you for it? Against it? Tell me all about what your thoughts in the comment section here, or in the comment section of the latest episode of COMICS! As usual, in order to watch, click on the pretty picture above! Also, subscribe to my channel, Channel23hahaha, for more episodes! Have a good one!

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