The Best and Worst Movies of 2012



by Russell Pinkston

2012 is over…and like every year since 1994…it’s time to make my Best of and Worst Movies of the Year list.  I am not your typical critic so I am not impressed by big boring Hollywood dramas.  My Best list will consist of movies that may have made me laugh, made me cry, sit on my edge of my seat in anticipation but most of all these are the movies that entertained me the most in 2012.  

*Disclaimer:   1st thing…This is my list…if you don’t like my choices…too bad…it’s my list…get your own…thankfully everyone is different and different movies are gonna appeal to different people.   Second thing…this list may contain movies that were actually released in 2012.  These are the movies I saw for the first time in the calender year of 2012…it’s the way I have done my list since 1994…and I am not gonna change now.

First let’s start with my WORST Movies of the 2012.

House-at-the-End-of-the-Street1-671x1024#10   The House at the End of the Street:  Hollywood was betting that since Jennifer Lawrence was successful with this years The Hunger Games (which disappointed me) and last years X-Men: First Class (which I loved) surely she would do good in an horror drama.  But the first hour was dreadfully boring and the acting from both Lawrence and Elisabeth Shue (who plays her mom) had me hating almost every minute of this.  Only bright spot was director’s Mark Tonderai use of the boob cam.

#9    Moonrise Kingdom:  Another weird movie by director Wes Anderson.  This movie had an excellent cast (Edward Norton, Frances McDormand (Fargo), Bruce Willis and Bill Murray (a Anderson movie regular).  It tried to be a cute story of two coming of age teens which would have been alright but when the adults started talking it got a bit out there.  Definitely not my kind of entertainment.

#8    Snow White and the Huntsman:  Probably the only thing that saved Kristen Stewart from having 2 movies on mysnow white Worst Movies list this year was my flat out refusual at seeing Breaking Dawn: Part 2.  She was terrible in SWatH.  The only bright spot was Thor’s Chris Hemsworth who kept saving Snow White butt at every turn.  I can’t believe there will be a sequel to this movie…I can’t wait. 

#7    The Smurfs:  I kind of liked the cartoon as a kid but I didn’t expect too much going in. Hank Azaria as Gargamel was the main reason I hated this movie so much.  I would have rather he be animated instead dress up so badly…and that voice…sometimes it keeps me awake at night.

Ghost-Rider-Spirit-Of-Vengeance-Poster#6    Ghost Rider:  The Spirit of Vengeance:  I don’t know what we have done to deserve such a terrible Marvel sequel.  I like Nic Cage but this movie total lack of a story bothered me too much.  The first movie wasn’t great but this sequel was so bad. 

#5     Piranha DD:  I never thought in a million years I would dislike a movie with this much T&A as much as I did this movie.  It was so bad.   I felt terrible for the actors especially David Hasselhoff.  Ving Rhames reprises his role but nothing could save this dud.   Granted I didn’t have the benifit of seeing this movie in 3D as the makers intended for me to but bad is bad even in 3D. 

#4    Universal Soldier:  Day of Reckoning:  It’s great that they were able to get both Dolph Lundgren and Jean-Claude Van Damme in this movie but they were basically used as for their name alone…they were basically extras.   The fights looked good but they needed alot more of Van Damme and Lundgren…and a much better script.

#3    Nature Calls:  Patton Oswalt and Johnny Knoxville star as competing brothers in this comedy.  There was not much to laugh at in this movie.  

#2    Lincoln:  I know…this movie is a contender for major awards this year.  Daniel Day-Lewis definitely deserves thelincoln credit for transforming himself into Lincoln and the rest of the all star cast (Sally Field, Tommy Lee Jones) wasn’t bad.  My main problem is with how painfully boring this movie was.   Steven Spielberg directed this 2 hour 30 minutes epic snooze fest.   If only it had a few more vampires.

madea#1    Madea’s Witness Protection:   In my movie viewing life there are 3 movies I hated so much I didn’t want to finish sitting in a theater to watch.  Garfield…which I forced myself to finish watching, Cry Baby…which my friend Scott and I walked out of and this movie.  I suffered though each and every painful minute.   I have alot of respect for Tyler Perry and what he had done but I just can’t relate to these Madea movies.  I do wish he would do more roles like Alex Cross for those of us that don’t want to watch him in drag.



BEST  Movies of 2012

#10     Pitch Perfect:  Didn’t think I would enjoy a movie about people in a singing competion as much as I did.  Rebel Wilson stole every scene she was in.   Lots of fun.

#9    Chronicle:   I love the originality of this movie.   It’s not your typical superhero movie.  The directing for this found footage film was really good as well.   Marvel took notice as well hiring star Dane DeHann to be the new Harry Osborn in the next Spiderman movie and director Josh Trank to helm the Fantastic 4 reboot.

#8      This Means War:  This action romantic comedy was alot of fun.  Spies Tom Hardy and Chris Pine compete for Reese Witherspoon”s affection.  Chelsea Handler provided alot of laughs as well.

#7     The Hobbit:  An Unexpected Journey:  I wasn’t a huge fan of  The Lord of the Rings.  I hated the first movie, loved the second and thought the third was ok.   I didn’t expect much going in but I did find myself liking this movie.  I am not sure about breaking this book up into 3 films but we’ll see how the other 2 movies are.

bm#6     The Dark Knight Rises:  I don’t drool over everything Christopher Nolan does.  I do like what he has done with the Batman franchise but I wasn’t impressed with his other films like Inception.

#5     That’s My Boy:  Gonna catch some crap for this movie being in my top 10 but it made me laugh so much.  I am not a huge Adam Sandler fan…so I was suprised I had such a good time watching this movie.  Vanilla Ice wins the best performance by a person just playing themselves (David Hasselhoff-Piranha DD, Sam Jones-Ted). 

#4     Jack Reacher:  Loved the one Lee Child novel I read and I really like the Reacher character alot.  He says what he means and does what he says.   Tom Cruise did a great job as Reacher.  I really hope they make more Reacher movies.

#3     Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil:  5 minutes into this movie I was wondering what I got myself into…this movie seemed like just another crappy B-horror movie.  10 minutes later I was laughing my ass off.  This is not your typical horror movie.   I highly recommend this movie.

av#2     Project X:   I was surprised I liked a party movie.   Chronicle and Project X proved that not all found footage movies suck.  I had such a good time watching this movie.

#1     The Avengers:   Josh Whedon done what I thought could never done…he combined so many actors and superheros into just one movie.   Robert Downey Jr. was the star but the Hulk smashed everybody and scene he was in.  I hope part 2 is just as awesome!

Biggest Disappointments:

The Amazing Spiderman:  Basically the same movie as the first Spiderman except with a different love interest andthe-amazing-spider-man-nuovo-teaser-poster-225680 villian.  Would rather have had Raimi, Dunst and Maguire back for another sequel instead of this reboot.

The Hunger Games:   The cast was not bad but some of the changes from the book to the movie really didn’t have to be made.  The directing was not very good either.  I want to see the action not get sick from the shaky cam.

Abraham Lincoln:  Vampire Hunter:  I liked the book so much but was so disappointed in the movie.

Taken 2 :  I absolutely love Neeson in Taken but this sequel is just a watered down version of the same movie.  It wasn ‘t original like the first movie and Liam looked old and not as bad ass.

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