Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice Trailer Reaction! (Video)


Tell me….do you bleed?

It’s finally here! After getting nothing but pictures for so long, I’m happy to say the trailer for Batman v Superman is here! Hell, this weekend was a big trailer bonanza! I mean, we have a new Star Wars trailer, Batman Superman, Fantastic 4, Jurassic World, the list goes on! However, it’s pretty obvious which one I’m most interested in. Question is, did I like said trailer….hmmm. That’s an excellent question. If you want to know the answer, just click on that awesome new Batman Superman poster! It will take you directly to my reaction video! Also, side note, I have some cool news. This week, in Chicago, a big comic event is being held called C2E2. It’s run by the same people who started New York Comic Con. I’m going to help out my local comic shop, Bill’s Books and More in Canton Ohio, set up their table and sell some product! I’m incredibly excited! I love big comic conventions, and I’ve never been to Chicago before. So this will be a new and awesome experience! So, if you are attending C2E2 this week, come by and say hello! I’m be the nerd in the Batman shirt! Totally narrows that down! Anyway, enjoy the video! And if you like it, give it a thumbs up and Subscribe for more! Lastly, enjoy the other new Batman v Superman poster! Equally as awesome!


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