Batman v Superman Comic-Con 2015 Trailer Reaction!!!! (COMICS!)


Today has been the greatest day of my nerd life.

If you are a fan of comics, video games, movies, TV shows, anime, or anything similar…this is the weekend for you. This weekend was the famous San Diego Comic Con, and if you ask me it was the best. Since it started, There have been so many amazing announcements about so many amazing projects. One of my favorites being the official announcement of Ben Affleck directing his own solo Batman movie! Also there were a few comic projects that have me giggling with excitement. One of those being Max Landis finally returning to DC Comics to write a new Superman limited series! These were among the many things that got me going crazy! But there was one thing above all else that I was excited for.

That was the Warner Bros Panel that happened today at Hall H. Rumors had been floating for months that WB would be going nuts this year. Specifically with their DC Comics movies Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad. We also heard that we might finally see the entire cast of the Justice League movie coming out. Sadly, we didn’t get The Justice League. But I’m very happy with what we did get. And I mean VERY HAPPY! One of those things was a first look at Suicide Squad. David Ayer, the writer and director, came up on stage and gave fans a trailer for the upcoming film. He also made a slight joke at the fact that so many aspects of his movie leaked online during filming. Well, looks like it happened again. Some ballsy fan decided to leak the trailer online. And no! I won’t leak it here. You’ll see it when it’s released officially! Also I can’t find a good link, but still!

Anyway, the trailer was amazing! The characters look pitch perfect to me. Whom ever decided to cast Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn is the smartest person alive! The nerd side of me thinks she nails the role perfectly. The guy side of me….Lets just say I have an eternal crush. The other stand out in this trailer was Jared Leto as The Joker. I know people have been bugging about this Joker’s look. Honestly, I think he looks awesome. Sure the forehead Tat is weird, but still. Not a deal breaker. Especially now cause his performance in the trailer alone is perfect! His Joker voice gave me the chills, as well as his laugh! Joker is tied with Batman as my favorite character, and I’m so happy so far with these two new takes.

Speaking of which, The other trailer they played was for Batman v Superman. The previous trailer I thought was pretty awesome, but this new one….OH. MY. GOD! This trailer made my entire day! First off, this trailer was epic. Every aspect of it was grand and exciting! Everything! The dialog, the action, the background score, the costumes! OH! MY! GOD! I hate to say this stupid phrase, but I just can’t even! I really can’t! Second, I loved seeing the new characters in this trailer. Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman looks incredible! Bad ass and Beautiful. Her role is still a mystery, but I’m alright with that.

Affleck really looks like the perfect Batman and Bruce Wayne. We get more of the latter in this trailer, but we also get some awesome action scenes with The Dark Knight. The real stand out was Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor for me. A lot of fans were skeptical about this casting choice, but I’m already sold. Eisenberg’s performance in this trailer alone is better than most of the comic book villains we’ve had from other movies. He has the Lex attitude, but brings his own flair to the table. And I love the stupid wig he has on. Classic. Anyway, you probably are getting tired of me rambling on about this trailer. You’d probably like to watch it yourself. GUESS WHAT?!?! If you click on that awesome new Comic Con poster for BvS, it will take you to the new trailer!! So? What are you waiting for? GO WATCH IT!

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