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Thanks for choosing The Directors Cut Radio Show as a way to market your website and services. We are a national radio show broadcasted on several radio stations across the country and reach thousands of additional listeners that download our weekly podcast. So if you are willing to reach an energetic and proactive audience of movie fans, then The Directors Cut will be the ultimate choice for you.


We have been broadcasting since 2005 and have steadily grown a strong audience in our FM and AM markets and via our Podcast.

We are currently broadcasted in the following cities:

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Online Ads Available:

In order to keep our site clutter free, we have created only one spot for banner advertising.

728×90 Banner Ad

728×90 Banner Ad will be available at the bottom of the entire site. The 728×90 Banner Ad will give you maximum exposure on The Directors Cut Radio Program website

  • 728×90 Banner Ad – 1 Spot Available (Bottom of entire site) – Get it for $89 per month

Sponsored Blogs

Each correspondent of The Directors Cut has a blog page that can be sponsored with your logo. Your logo will be placed at the top of the page next to their name. Bloggers content and post schedule is up to their discretion.

  • Title Blog sponsorship – 5 spots available. $39/month.

Links within Podcast Posts/Blog Pages

You can get a link at the bottom of a podcast or blog post of your choice for $59 for 1 year.

  • Podcast or Blog post sponsorship – (Your choice, first come first serve) $99/year

FM/AM/Podcast Ads Available:

Since our main focus is The Directors Cut Radio Show and The Directors Cut Radio Movie Minutes, we have many advertising opportunities available.

Commercial Advertising 60 & 30 Second Ads

The Directors Cut Radio Show is a weekly program that can be found on several AM/FM radio stations and is available via podcast after initial broadcast. It has 4×60 second spots available, and up to 8×30 second spots.

The Directors Cut Movie Minute is a daily program Monday – Saturday with a 2nd variation on the Monday program. There is 1×30 second spot available daily 7 Spots total.

  • The Directors Cut Radio Program 60 Second spot – 4 spots available $30 a week.
  • The Directors Cut Radio Program 30 Second spot – 8 spots available $20 a week.
  • The Directors Cut Movie Minute 30 Second spot – 7 spots available $20 a day [6 days] (or $15 for either Monday). (Monday Box Office, Monday News, Tuesday DVDs & BluRays, “What to Watch” Wednesday, “Talk back” Thursday, New to Theatres Friday, Weekends Movie Review)
  • The Directors Cut Movie Minute 30 Second spot – 7 spots available (1 available a week) $100 a week [6 days]
  • The Directors Cut Radio Program and The Directors Cut Movie Minute Complete Ad Buy 7×30 daily Movie Minute spots and 1×60 or 30 second Directors Cut Radio Show Spot – 1 available $120 a week DUE TO AVAILABILITY.
  • The Directors Cut Radio Show Segment Sponsorship 15 Second “the _______ is brought to you by” – 4 spots available weekly. $20
  • Show title sponsorship aired before program “this week’s edition of The Directors Cut is brought to you by _______” – 1 spot available $40 a week

All payments will be in USD and we accept paypal.

If you have any question about advertising or willing to get different kind of ad formats, contact me at

Terms and Conditions

  • Monthly online advertising will be live on the 1st and expire at the end of the month on a 30 day cycle.
  • Weekly and Daily spots are purchased for the week and expire due to contract.
  • We don’t accept links or banners related to gambling, pornography, violence, hatred etc
  • All ads placed in our programming or online will begin once the payment is completed
Directors Cut Radio Show and Podcast
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