Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice Trailer Reaction! (Video)

Tell me….do you bleed? It’s finally here! After getting nothing but pictures for so long, I’m happy to say the trailer for Batman v Superman is here! Hell, this weekend was a big trailer bonanza! I mean, we have a new Star Wars trailer, Batman Superman, Fantastic 4, Jurassic World, the list goes on! However, […]

Batman: Arkham Origins Review + More!!! (COMICS!)

HELLO EVERYONE!!! Man, it feel’s like it’s been forever since I posted something! How have you all been? Good? Bad? Hopefully the former and not the latter. ANYWAY, I am back and I’m ready to rock! For today, I have a video game review…and a Movie review and a Blu-Ray review. That’s right, folks. I […]

BatFleck: The Silver Linings (COMICS!)

“Argo f@*k yourself, Superman.” (Can this please be a line in Batman vs. Superman?) As you may have heard, Warner Bros has announced that Ben Affleck will be playing Batman in the Man of Steel Sequel, also known as Batman vs. Superman, coming in 2015. If you HAVEN’T heard about this, GUESS WHAT?!?! Anyway, when […]

The Next Batman: Who Should it Be? (COMICS!)

“I am vengeance! I am the night! I AM…..hopefully not being played by Ryan Gosling.” – Batman As you may have heard, Zack Snyder is going to follow up Man of Steel with a Batman/Superman film! Now, depending on your opinion of MoS depends on your excitement about this news. For me, I am freaking […]

DCRS Vs. Man of Steel


This week on The Directors Cut Radio Program we cover “Man of Steel” and talk top ten illegal alien movies. We also discover why Steven Spielberg thinks the movie industry is in great peril. We warn you about a Man of Steel drinking game that may be deadly. Also, we have a huge spoiler for […]

Man of Steel Review!!! (COMICS!)

IT’S A BIRD! IT’S A PLANE! NO IT’S….AN ALIEN! RUN AWAY! AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! Hey Everyone! Guess what! MAN OF STEEL IS FINALLY OUT NOW! OMHFSMSA, PEOPLE! If your wondering, that last sentence was Oh my holy f**king socky monkey space attack. Spread it around, it will be a new thing. Anywho, back to Man of Steel. […]

Superman Unchained #1 Review!!! + More (COMICS!)

Ever want to watch a video of me review comic books for 14 minutes? WELL YOU’RE IN LUCK! So, this is a big week for Superman fans, and I don’t just mean because Man of Steel is out in theaters. DC Comics, who has been struggling with ALL of their Superman books for years, might […]

Jimmy Olsen a Woman in Man of Steel?!?! (COMICS!)

Jimmy or Jenny…kind of sounds like a sequel to Ed Wood’s Glen or Glenda, don’t it? Hello super friends! It’s your alien refugee, Richard, here! Today, I present to you an episode of COMICS! in which I review two AMAZING comic issues from last week. After that, I discuss an interesting bit of news that […]

Man of Steel Trailer #2 Review!!! (COMICS!)

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s…..Crap what’s the last part of that quote? Hello fellow Kryptonian survivors! This is Ran-Ze, aka Richard, coming to you live from the bottle city of Kandor! So, some of you might not know this about me. I, Richard Lee Purnell, am a Massive Superman fanboy! I know you […]

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