The Suicide Squad Revealed!!! (COMICS!)

You have NO IDEA how excited I am! In case you aren’t aware, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice isn’t the only big DC Comics movie coming out next year. That other film coming out in 2016 is called Suicide Squad. Now, for those whom still don’t know, here is a quick run down. Suicide […]

Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice Trailer Reaction! (Video)

Tell me….do you bleed? It’s finally here! After getting nothing but pictures for so long, I’m happy to say the trailer for Batman v Superman is here! Hell, this weekend was a big trailer bonanza! I mean, we have a new Star Wars trailer, Batman Superman, Fantastic 4, Jurassic World, the list goes on! However, […]

Marvel Announces Phase 3 of the MCU! (COMICS!)

I know I’m a little late on posting about this, but at least I’m doing it now! Better late than never, right? At least, I think so. Anyway, Marvel has just made a HUGE announcement! Seeing as how phase two of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or MCU for short, is just about wrapped up, Marvel […]

Captain America: The Winter Soldier Movie Review (NO SPOILERS!)

Winter is coming….FOR CAPTAIN AMERICA!!!! HEY! HEY YOU! YEA YOU! YOU JERK! How are you today? I’m not bad, but I could be better. More bummed out, if anything. Why and I bummed out? Well, I missed out on the Captain America: The Winter Soldier review on TDCRS yesterday! I mean, I’m the comic book […]

Kick-Ass 2 Movie Review!!! (COMICS!)

Kick-Ass 2 is finally here. Why am I really bummed out by this? Hello fellow superheroes! This is Richard here, and I have a review for you this week! So, I am a massive fan of the first Kick-Ass movie. So much so, that It’s one of the few movies I found to be 10x […]

Pacific Rim: Tales From Yero Zero Review (COMICS!)

Giant Monsters vs. Giant Mechs? What more could you want? Guess what, everyone? SUMMER IS HERE, Y’ALL! WOOOO! P-A-R-T-WHY? BECAUSE IT’S SUMMER TIME! Seriously? Who doesn’t love summer? Its the most fun time of the year! Now, for most, summer fun is represented by beach parties, time away from school, girls wearing less clothing, guys […]

Man of Steel’s Ending: Good or Bad? *SPOILERS* (COMICS!)

Another Man of Steel video? REALLY?!?! DISLIKE! Man of Steel. We’ve already talked about it a bunch. Dan did an episode on it. I did an episode on it. Man, what more is there to talk about? Well, there is this one thing. Whenever I talk to my friends that didn’t like Man of Steel, […]

Man of Steel Review!!! (COMICS!)

IT’S A BIRD! IT’S A PLANE! NO IT’S….AN ALIEN! RUN AWAY! AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! Hey Everyone! Guess what! MAN OF STEEL IS FINALLY OUT NOW! OMHFSMSA, PEOPLE! If your wondering, that last sentence was Oh my holy f**king socky monkey space attack. Spread it around, it will be a new thing. Anywho, back to Man of Steel. […]

Disbelief – A Short Film

Guess what?!?! I MADE A SHORT MOVIE, Y’ALL!!! Hello everyone!!! It’s your director of awesome films, Richard, here! So, a while ago on this website I posted an article talking about my first official short film, Specter Quest. That movie, which I made over the summer with friends, was this cheesy B-Movie horror/comedy about a […]

Thor: The Dark World Trailer!!! (COMICS!)

BY THE BEARD OF ODIN!!!! The first trailer for the new Marvel Studio’s movie, Thor: The Dark World, has finally arrived! In order to check it out, click on the amazing poster above! Also, if you want to see my review, click this sentence! Enjoy, and don’t forget to subscribe to Channel23hahaha on Youtube for […]

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