Kung Fu vs. Karate: Track List

As promised on this week’s radio show, here’s my track list of kung-fu & karate songs. Please feel free to submit more track names (I need more dub & reggae):

1. Tokyo Nights by Puffy AmiYumi

Crazy Sims bubble dance and sushi roll party:

2. Living in Japan by Fun Fun

3. Whisky & Green Tea by Supergrass

FYI: Chinese Dragons practice kung fu, not karate.

4. Karate by The Emperors

Featuring footage from ‘Black Belt Jones’:

5. Karate Colombiano by Bondo de Role & DJ Chernobyl

6. Karate Boo-ga-loo by Jerry O

I love this crazy string dance from “Maiden’s Spring”:

7. Mein Synthesizer Kann Karate by Quenzo Flax

Synthesizers in space!!!

8. the new karate workout (kanye west + kennedy) by wait what

9. The Karate Rap by David Seeger and Holly Whitstock Seeger

Thanks to Dan for this track. I don’t know if thanks properly covers it…

10. Hong Kong Nights by Soft Lightning

11. Hong Kong Garden by Siouxsie and the Banshees

12. Dance the Kung Fu by Carl Douglas

‘Kung Fu Fighting’ is better known Stateside, but this dance is indeed ‘Pure Dynamite.’

It even caught on in Bollywood!

13. My Chinese Girl Like Kung Fu Fighting by The Chinese Fighters

Side project of Belgian funk band El Chicles, the super-rare album includes tracks entitled ‘Kung Fu’N’Ky’ and ‘Karatekaze’.

14. Combate a Kung Fu by Wganda Kenya

15. Kung Fu Boy by Kumisolo

16. Kung Fu Master by Dana’s Master

Yes, a Ninja Synth genre exists and has a black belt in awesomeness.

17. Kung Fu by Prince Rhangani

18. Kung Fu Battle ina Brixton by Prince Fatty (Feat. Horseman)

19. Return of the Kung Fu Skinhead by King Hammond

One of the earlier Trojan skinhead reggae revivalists from the UK. His first album was issued in 1987. I don’t think he’s pictured below, but those fellows either have deep pockets or they’re smuggling badgers.

20. Kung Fu by Ash

These guys are from Northern Hi-yareland, part of the UK-ung Fu.

21. Kung Fu by The Dragoneers

22. Kung Fu by The Dirtbombs

From ‘Ultraglide in Black’ (as seen in ‘Only Lovers Left Alive.’)

23. Kung Fu Fighting (A Capella) by Robyn Hitchcock

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