Fantastic 4 Trailer Review (COMICS!)

Before I even start this review, I should probably let you in on something. Something to help you, the reader, understand where my point of view is coming from. I have never cared for, nor have I ever liked, the Fantastic 4. I’ve read a few of the comics, both Ultimate and Regular universe, and […]

Gotham Series Premiere Review! (COMICS!)

If you know me, you know I’m obsessed with Batman. I don’t really remember when it started. I just know I am. It feels like it’s been this way since I was born. When I was younger, It was all about the movies and the cartoons. The comics didn’t really come into the picture until […]

Captain America: The Winter Soldier Movie Review (NO SPOILERS!)

Winter is coming….FOR CAPTAIN AMERICA!!!! HEY! HEY YOU! YEA YOU! YOU JERK! How are you today? I’m not bad, but I could be better. More bummed out, if anything. Why and I bummed out? Well, I missed out on the Captain America: The Winter Soldier review on TDCRS yesterday! I mean, I’m the comic book […]

Batman: Arkham Origins Review + More!!! (COMICS!)

HELLO EVERYONE!!! Man, it feel’s like it’s been forever since I posted something! How have you all been? Good? Bad? Hopefully the former and not the latter. ANYWAY, I am back and I’m ready to rock! For today, I have a video game review…and a Movie review and a Blu-Ray review. That’s right, folks. I […]

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. “Pilot” Review!!! (COMICS!)

The Avengers aren’t the only worthwhile team in the MCU! Hello everyone! This is Agent Purnell, bring you a review of the declassified missions of the secret Agency in the Marvel Cinematic Universe known as SHIELD. Long story short, here is my review of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD! It’s been a long wait since we […]

Kick-Ass 2 Movie Review!!! (COMICS!)

Kick-Ass 2 is finally here. Why am I really bummed out by this? Hello fellow superheroes! This is Richard here, and I have a review for you this week! So, I am a massive fan of the first Kick-Ass movie. So much so, that It’s one of the few movies I found to be 10x […]

Pacific Rim: Tales From Yero Zero Review (COMICS!)

Giant Monsters vs. Giant Mechs? What more could you want? Guess what, everyone? SUMMER IS HERE, Y’ALL! WOOOO! P-A-R-T-WHY? BECAUSE IT’S SUMMER TIME! Seriously? Who doesn’t love summer? Its the most fun time of the year! Now, for most, summer fun is represented by beach parties, time away from school, girls wearing less clothing, guys […]

Man of Steel Review!!! (COMICS!)

IT’S A BIRD! IT’S A PLANE! NO IT’S….AN ALIEN! RUN AWAY! AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! Hey Everyone! Guess what! MAN OF STEEL IS FINALLY OUT NOW! OMHFSMSA, PEOPLE! If your wondering, that last sentence was Oh my holy f**king socky monkey space attack. Spread it around, it will be a new thing. Anywho, back to Man of Steel. […]

Superman Unchained #1 Review!!! + More (COMICS!)

Ever want to watch a video of me review comic books for 14 minutes? WELL YOU’RE IN LUCK! So, this is a big week for Superman fans, and I don’t just mean because Man of Steel is out in theaters. DC Comics, who has been struggling with ALL of their Superman books for years, might […]

DCRS Vs. The Internship


This week on The Directors Cut we review “The Internship” with Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn and our top ten list is Top Ten Movies about interns or getting a job. Also, we have a brand new intern Djochoua in the studio to get our headphones among other duties. We chat with Lew Temple from […]

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