Marvel Announces Phase 3 of the MCU! (COMICS!)

I know I’m a little late on posting about this, but at least I’m doing it now! Better late than never, right? At least, I think so. Anyway, Marvel has just made a HUGE announcement! Seeing as how phase two of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or MCU for short, is just about wrapped up, Marvel […]

Batman: Arkham Origins Review + More!!! (COMICS!)

HELLO EVERYONE!!! Man, it feel’s like it’s been forever since I posted something! How have you all been? Good? Bad? Hopefully the former and not the latter. ANYWAY, I am back and I’m ready to rock! For today, I have a video game review…and a Movie review and a Blu-Ray review. That’s right, folks. I […]

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Full 3 Minute Trailer! (COMICS!)

Coulson Lives!! On Sunday, during the season finale of Once Upon a Time, we were treated to a first look at Marvel’s newest addition to it’s Marvel Cinematic Universe: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. However, that first look was only 30 seconds long! Now, we have been treated to a full on 3 minute trailer showing all […]

Thor: The Dark World Trailer!!! (COMICS!)

BY THE BEARD OF ODIN!!!! The first trailer for the new Marvel Studio’s movie, Thor: The Dark World, has finally arrived! In order to check it out, click on the amazing poster above! Also, if you want to see my review, click this sentence! Enjoy, and don’t forget to subscribe to Channel23hahaha on Youtube for […]

Agent Coulson Lives!! (COMICS!)

WARNING! Avengers spoilers ahead! Actually, is an Avenger spoiler warning even necessary? HELLO EVERYONE! Welcome to my first post of 2013! I’m incredibly excited for all this year has to offer. Especially because there are a ton of great looking new comic series starting this year! So excited! Anyways, today’s post is all about one […]

New Dark Knight Rises Trailer Attached to The Avengers!!! (COMICS!)

With The Avengers coming to theaters literally a week from today, how could life get any sweeter? Well, what about if a new Dark Knight Rises trailer was attached to the film? Yes! This is indeed true! Warner Bros. announced earlier last week that a new trailer for The Dark Knight Rises will be attached […]

Joss Whedon’s Astonishing X-Men: Gifted Review

Isn’t it funny that the first comic I review is from Marvel and not DC? or is it just me? Anyways, today I received an amazing new comic in the mail. The comic in question is called Astonishing X-Men. Astonishing X-Men is one of many titles from Marvel that follow the mutant team. The series […]

The Avengers Super Bowl Spot Review!!! (COMICS!)

Did you all watch the Super Bowl Sunday night? Is that a stupid question? PROBABLY! Anyways, for most people the game ended with the Giants defeating the Patriots. For me? It ended with the premiere of the much anticipated Avengers Super Bowl commercial. I couldn’t believe how awesome it was! What was even cooler, and […]

The Director’s Cut vs. Thor!


This week on the Director’s Cut, Dan and Ollie take on the god of thunder himself, Thor! Yes, the guys saw the new summer kick-off movie, Thor. This week the guys talk to a few different guests: Richard Purnell, Carter Friend, and Jon Mikl Thor! If you’re wanting to hear about the movie Thor, don’t […]

Directors Cut Radio Daily–Thursday 7/15 Real life Dolls, Ke$ha and Katy Perry release the same song, Thor has the gloss of failure already.


Another fresh daily serving.  Today I introduce my  update of what the cast of The Directors Cut Radio Show claims to be doing. Thor is a reality and Anthony Hopkins is involved,  the maker of Real Life dolls seems personable, and Oops! Ke$ha and Katy Perry have released the same song.  This is the link […]

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