Batman v Superman Comic-Con 2015 Trailer Reaction!!!! (COMICS!)

Today has been the greatest day of my nerd life. If you are a fan of comics, video games, movies, TV shows, anime, or anything similar…this is the weekend for you. This weekend was the famous San Diego Comic Con, and if you ask me it was the best. Since it started, There have been […]

COMICS! Celebrates 100 Episodes This Week!!!

Thanksgiving isn’t the only thing to celebrate this week…..and I’m not talking about Black Friday, kids! HELLO EVERYONE! It’s your Nostalgic Avenger, Richard, here! Now, I’m am super duper excited right now! Why? Well, This week will see the release of the 100th episode of COMICS! AHHHHHHHHH! Holy s#!%, Batman! It’s real crazy that Carter […]

Evil Dead (2013) Trailer Review!

Wait….This has nothing to do with comic books? Why am I writing this? So, when folks hear the word remake these days, the words “not again” is groaned in reply. It’s true that we’ve had an insane amount of remakes these past few years, and we’ve got more to come. Plus, the majority of these […]

New York Comic Con: The Court of Owls (Day 1)

Don’t stare directly into his eyes! HEY, HI, and HELLO EVERYONE! It’s your comic book reading friend, Richard here coming to you STRAIGHT…from the New York Comic Con! So, Day Uno of the convention has come to an end, and what a first day it was! However, as most stories begin, I figured I should […]

Director’s Cut Radio Daily–Tuesday 21 September. Quantum Leap movie. Jennifer Aniston going topless. Judge Dredd v2.0.


You’re listening to the Director’s Cut Radio Show, the guy’s show about movies.  Today news and abused stories about a movie that has Jennifer Aniston going topless; also Judge Dredd the film version 2.0 is generating rumors of cast members; and Quantum Leap: The Movie seems to be an impending reality.  Today is Tuesday 21 […]

The Director’s Cut vs. SALT


This week on the Director’s Cut the guys add a little more Salt to their diets. Dan and Ollie discuss the finer points of ageing gracefully and make a number of interesting and surprising discoveries. Plus, Russell and the “Tan” Man from The Screen Team give us a blow-by-blow report from Comic-Con 2010! Ollie’s true […]

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