Batman v Superman Comic-Con 2015 Trailer Reaction!!!! (COMICS!)

Today has been the greatest day of my nerd life. If you are a fan of comics, video games, movies, TV shows, anime, or anything similar…this is the weekend for you. This weekend was the famous San Diego Comic Con, and if you ask me it was the best. Since it started, There have been […]

Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice Trailer Reaction! (Video)

Tell me….do you bleed? It’s finally here! After getting nothing but pictures for so long, I’m happy to say the trailer for Batman v Superman is here! Hell, this weekend was a big trailer bonanza! I mean, we have a new Star Wars trailer, Batman Superman, Fantastic 4, Jurassic World, the list goes on! However, […]

Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor!!! (COMICS!)

SEE! I told you it was gonna be awesome! So, we have slowly been getting first looks at all the various characters that will be appearing in the DC Cinematic Universe. Mainly just the cast of Batman V. Superman. First we had a look at Batman. Followed by Superman and Wonder Woman at Comic Con. […]

Forever Evil #1 Review + More!!! (COMICS!)

“AETERNUS MALUM.” – Ultraman Hello everyone! This is your comic book supervillain, Richard Purnell, here! It is friday, which means that it is time for a brand new episode of COMICS! This weeks episode features a wave of comic reviews! However, the biggest review this week is of DC Comics’s newest event story: Forever Evil! […]

Man of Steel Trailer #2 Review!!! (COMICS!)

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s…..Crap what’s the last part of that quote? Hello fellow Kryptonian survivors! This is Ran-Ze, aka Richard, coming to you live from the bottle city of Kandor! So, some of you might not know this about me. I, Richard Lee Purnell, am a Massive Superman fanboy! I know you […]

Man of Steel Movie Logo REVEALED!!! (COMICS!)

The first official logo for Superman’s latest film is finally here! This Summer is full of amazingly awesome looking movies. You have The Dark Knight Rises, The Avengers, Prometheus, Dark Shadows (arguably apparently), the list is endless! However, there is one movie that was planned for this year that got bumped to 2013 sadly. That […]

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